13 Apr How to Decorate a Room With Wood Walls

cedar-wood-wallsCedar wood walls add a quiet and rustic elegance to any home. In addition to being a bold interior decorating choice, they are also extremely durable. While cedar wood walls can be a relaxing and stylish accent to any room, it’s important to decorate your walls and room with care. Cedar wood walls are especially prone to looking busy, which means you need to select your room decor carefully to prevent a cluttered appearance.

Place an accent rug in the middle of your floor. The rug will protect hardwood flooring from heavy use and will also minimize wear to regular wall-to-wall carpeting. Opt for a large rug that you can place furniture on with a design that is calming and quiet.

Furniture arrangement can make all the difference

Arrange several pieces of furniture in the center of your accent rug. For a living room, opt for a wicker bench or several wooden chairs. Include chair padding for more comfort. If your cedar wood walls are in a bedroom, opt for a dark wood bed and matching dresser set. Even if your cedar wood walls are in a dining room, a heavy oak table or a patio wicker set will highlight the colors of your accent rug and of your walls.

Add color to the room through the use of accent pillows. While the accent rug should be a quiet, non-distracting color, it’s okay to be bold with your accent pillows. Opt for red, deep blue or even green to accentuate the style and design of your walls.

Interior Design Ideas for Rooms with Wood Walls

Incorporate lighting throughout the room. Don’t overuse lighting, as the concept of cedar wood walls is a natural, rustic theme. Too much lighting will make your room appear more modern than traditional. Opt for candles throughout the room or a table lamp.

Place a folded quilt over the back of your wicker bench, on top of a trunk or at the foot of your bed. A lively quilt shouts “country decor” and will appeal to viewers and guests.

Hang country themed wall hangings on your wall, but do so sparingly. Too much wall decor will decrease the impact of your cedar wood walls. Hang a single large picture on each wall, a wreath or even a mirror. Stay away from small pictures and decorations which tend to look cluttered.

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