22 May Furniture of The Great Gatsby

deco-297x300“The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of the great American novels of our time, has gone on to showcase one of the greatest design eras: Art Deco. This period of design from the 1920s through the late 1930s displayed the aesthetic of line, structure, power, and most importantly, wealth. Most who lived during this time were accustomed to partying, glamor, and high society! It’s no coincidence that the title character, Jay Gatsby, lived a life of luxury and he made sure that everyone knew it!

Gatsby’s estate was the home to a beautiful mansion and an even more beautiful interior. Each furniture piece that Gatsby had in his home was explained in great detail in the novel, but also displayed vividly in the 1973 film starring Robert Redford and the upcoming 2013 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The furniture is that of elegant, streamline, clean design that also shows power and style.

Art deco was an age of wealth and the furniture displayed that very well. Today, it is an interior style that is meant to reflect a bygone era of happiness and fun. If you are choosing to redecorate your home with an interior that invokes the spirit of Mr. Gatsby, be sure to ask any one of our consultants on how to represent the Art Deco style throughout the entire living space!